AxZir Zirconia

AxZir full-contour zirconia offers dental technicians an efficient and reliable method for producing aesthetic zirconia restorations.


Our system consists of two varieties of pre-shaded and multi-layer zirconia along with three choices for solid discs in a wide variety of sizes, shades, staining liquids and transparency levels. 

Utilizing our pre-shaded discs, dental professionals can simply and consistently produce all 16 Vita A-D shades as well as bleach shades. No dipping or use of coloring liquids is required at any point in the process, helping to ensure a consistent aesthetic result.

Three different materials are available:

  • HT Zr -- Normal translucent zirconia, for crown and bridges
  • ST Zr -- Super translucent zirconia, for crowns and bridges especially full contour crowns and bridges
  • TT Zr – Top translucent zirconia suitable for anterior full-contour restorations

Multi-layered and pre-colored discs are also available. Colored zirconia blocks are available in LL1, LL2, LL3, LL4, LL5. Or A1-D4 vita 16 classical shades.