Artificial Teeth

Since 1958 Polident have been offering top quality dental products to help you offer your clients the best possible treatment and aesthetic solutions. For their 55th anniversary, we present the new line of anatomical teeth REF-LINE for the most demanding users. PMMA-poly methyl methacrylate is primarily designed for production of long or short term temporary restorations. Available in various shades, this material serves well for clinical as well as laboratory needs.

These high-quality PMMA discs are biocompatible for patients with allergies and have the highest density possible because there are no inorganic fillers or fiber.

Axsys offers PMMA artificial teeth from Polident of which there are thee product lines with a wide variety of teeth in each product segment. Poilident tooth products are::

    Multi-layered nano-filled polymethylmethacrylate REF-LINE anatomically shaped artificial teeth with excellent abrasion resistance.
    Three-layered polymethylmethacrylate PRIMODENT teeth are artificial teeth that come in a wide range of forms, sizes and shades, and are suitable for the production of top-quality partial and total dentures.
    The two-layered CROSS LINKED 2 teeth are highly cross linked polymethylmethacrylate teeth for the production of partial and total dentures.